Best way to remove smells from my Digitone

My used OT that I purchased smelled like someone else’s house…nothing major, just kind of like hair products and a scented candle, a faint whiff of Febreeze. It added to the mystery of the device.
It went away on its own. Now I’m sure it smells like my house.

Put it in a close bag with opened pack of Coffee grounds.
Works well with tobacco


I’ve had a similar issue when buying a used Rytm a while ago. I ended up taking the front panel off and cleaning the whole thing with cotton swabs and some sort of alcohol cleaner…
For me this got the job done… But I have to say that this can be dangerous and lead to damages:/

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Take your screwdriver, open it up. Remove knobs, remove electronic boards out and wash it in water and some soap, then use isopropanol after to make sure water won’t stay in the corners. Put everything back together. 30 minues job.

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It’s already a little bit better than it was when I first unboxed it, so that’s promising. I am thinking about trying the method of putting it in a box with baking soda or coffee grounds or whatever but honestly I’m having too much fun learning the device at the moment. It’s good to have some of these more thorough cleaning suggestions just in case it comes to that. Thanks everyone!

Personally I am a fan of a damp microfibre cloth used gently on hard surfaces and a polymer cleaning product such as used on car interiors, plastics or even laminate hard floors to maintain the surface finish/lustre.

*to supercharge a carbonate such as baking soda or magnesium sulphate (used to remove moisture) dry bake in a oven at 160-180 degC for 30minutes or so.

Putting things in a sealed box of unscented cat litter does a good job of removing odors but I guess dust getting in it could be an issue.

I left an Access Virus which stunk of cigarettes outside for a few days and it was fine afterwards.


Sex Panther, illegal in 9 countries. It has bits of panther in it so you know it’s good!


I’m gonna be honest with you… that smells like pure gasoline


I had a Korg multitrack recorder that I bought on an auction that stunk up my whole place (insanely pungent cigarette smell). Even the microphone cables they threw in absolutely reeked. I could never get the smell out and ultimately had to sell it. I’m not even that sensitive to cigarette smoke. I hope you have better luck.

One last recommendation:
If you are really stuck & I am hesitant to recommend this for electronics as often people go crazy on the dosage thinking more is better (although I have seen devices like this installed in refrigerators, walk-in cool rooms, freezers, and laboratory equipment for years). The national library here in Australia employs this technology to preserve old manuscripts. Lastly, the concentration from such a small amount is also safe if inhaled.

What is it?
Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour.

How does it work?

  1. Place the item in a box with a good lid.
    plastic is great if you have it

  2. Place a small polypropylene washcloth over a small plate or plastic dish.
    In Australia we have a product called a Chux cloth

  3. Add a teaspoon of 50% Hydrogen peroxide (or a tablespoon of 10-12%) to the chux cloth. leave the box at room temperature ~25 degC.
    The chux cloth increases the surface area of the Hydrogen Peroxide so it will evaporate quickly

  4. Wait overnight, open the box the next day to check. Close if required.
    The hydrogen Peroxide evaporates then precipitates onto the outside surface of the box and any items inside. If the box is opened 12 hours later little of the Hydrogen peroxide escapes as long as it is closed quickly before the Hydrogen Peroxide re-evaporates

Essentially Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) compared to Ozone (O3) which is very corrosive we need extreme magnification to see any corrosion from HPV. The total mass used is low and the contact concentration is never over 1 molecule thick. To physical objects with a high density, this does nothing but too complex organic compounds such as odors or bacteria it is lethal. This method is very effective on clean objects free of debris and loose organic material.

Take it or leave it, I just distilled millions of dollars, thousands of hours of research & patents into a disposable forum post. But don’t go thinking I am smart or anything, I am as dumb as a box of nails.

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Great tips everyone, I’m gonna see if they also remove bad sounds from my Digitone.

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Na, for this I recommend a Boum.

if it still smells put it in a paper bag with a bowl of baking soda next to it and leave it there for a couple days. or even better take 2 large coffee filters, put the baking soda in the coffee filter, tape it shut and place it on the spots with the most odor. in a bag for a few days with either of these should get rid of most of it, give it a couple weeks if you want better results.


My beats stink too, replace with the factory projects and you should be good to go.

Actually some of this thread reminds me of an occurrence from a couple of decades ago, from my drunken, wanton sharehousing youth.

Lived in this house on a sloping block, so the two downstairs bedrooms me and a mate had were dark and cold and had one window each. He was a gamer so his window was always shut and curtained. His room smelt musty.

He had the only PC with internet in the house and one time our housemate asked if her boyfriend from next door could come over to do a job application or something that was going to take a good hour or so.

We didn’t like this guy at all so we were considering how we could make the experience unpleasant for this dude. The suggestion (mine) was a turd (not mine) in a pizza box hidden under the bed. The room was already dank and smelly, what was the harm in making it a bit worse?

In the end, the guy didn’t come over to use the internet and the offending item was removed after an hour or two. The strange thing? It somehow neutralised the existing smell and mustiness … I still don’t understand how, no windows were opened or air fresheners used, but it was noticeably better for weeks after.

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ozium could be worth a try if all else fails