Best way to remove smells from my Digitone

Hello, I recently purchased a second-hand Digitone that looks great visually but smells like it’s been submerged in a vat of men’s cologne.

How can I deodorize this thing safely? I don’t want to cause any harm to the rubberized parts like the knobs. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


l’eau Digitone?

The seductive scent of luxurious FM.


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There’s a few things you could try, I suggest these from experience of having bought some funky second hand gear in the past.

Firstly you can give it a gentle wipe down with a slightly damp cloth followed by a dry cloth. You can also use glass cleaner (spray it on to a cloth first, not on to the machine) to wipe down the metal and the glass (I would caution against using glass cleaner on the rubber elements as different cleaners have different formulations and some might be corrosive). Glass cleaner is good at removing grime without rubbing off printed text or damaging the finish. You can also gently pull off the encoders to give them a wipe down. If there’s oily residue on the surface, this should pick it up.

Secondly you can try baking soda, it’s very good at absorbing odours. Put a load of baking soda into a container and then put the Digitone in the same container (you can put it on a plate or something so it’s not touching the baking soda). Leave that for a couple of days.

Thirdly, if all else fails, just leave it out of its box to air out, ideally near an open window (of course be careful not to leave it by an open window if it’s raining or freezing outside). It might take a couple of weeks but the smell should improve.

Hope that helps! :+1:


Didn’t someone else on her complain of the dame issue a couple of months ago?

Isopropyl alcohol.


I’m slightly drunk so I laughed too hard at this post for no reason… sorry…
can you just put it in a good ventilated area and wait for it to naturally deodorize over time?


For the metal enclosure and the screen get you some 99% iso alcohol and then dab a clean cloth or a few q-tips with it then give it a good wipe down. The 99% iso is safe for electronics and evaporates super quick.

I would caution using the iso on the rubber knobs and buttons. Im not sure how the labeling on the buttons is put on but i wouldnt want to smudge it and the iso will likely dehydrate the rubberized knobs which might make them funky


I bought a tr8-s that smelt like a vape shop.

It was a really persistent smell and I ended up putting it in a box with a shoe deodoriser which did the trick after a while.

Not this exact one but this kinda thing :


Thanks for the replies! I have some iso alcohol that I’ll try, and I also have plenty of baking soda so I’ll give that a try too. Sounds like with some patience I should be successful in my efforts to de-stank. :slight_smile:


Try not shitting on it

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… I’ll try?


I did not read everything, but doesn’t that remove/smear the text/coating of the device?

Saw this today (not my photo):


This is one of the many reasons I never feel like buying used…. Sounds like this Digitone was clearly in a bedroom producers room.

I had the same issue when I had the digitone. Not so much with the box itself, but the music that came out of it :grinning:

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Acetone removes paint

Isopropyl alcohol does not remove oil based paint

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Axe body spray is not cologne!


With a lot of sex involved.

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Hey bud! Why don’t you stick to music and leave the smelling fly to me?



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It’s the nature of all Digitone owners

To be fair id take the smell of aftershave over stale cigarettes and greenery all day long… I’ve gotten several used bits of kit over the years that absolutely reeked of tobacco to the point I just sold them at a loss to get them out of the house…

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