Best way to ship to Sweden for repair from EU/NL

Hi. Unfortunately my AR MKII has to be shipped to Sweden for repair. Elektron has a service for 50 euro’s via UPS. I find that a bit pricey.

What have you guys used sending stuff to Elektron HQ?

The ARK MKII is already 2.5 kg, honestly it is a correct price for shipping from NL to SWE. A registred + express parcel with insurance from postnl will cost you around 45 €. Without express 28 € but honestly, I used to send packages from NL to FR with postnl, it was not fun and you have to properly wrap your parcel if you want to be sure to arrive in one piece. It will depends on whom will be handling the package once it reached Sweden. So you can find cheaper with postnl but it is also your choice to see how much insurance you want to put on it.

Okay, thx. Max insurance with PostNL is 500 euro’s, they’ll ship it for 24 euro’s. But I am hesitant, so glad to hear other experiences.

The 50 euro UPS shipping service from Elektron is non-express and also not insured.

That’s the reason why I eventually went with our national post company, PostNL. They are fairly quick (max 4 working days) and I was able to get insurance for the full value of the AR MKII. Cost me 34 euro’s in total.

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