Best workflow for syncing the AR to OT

Say I sync my AR to my OT, will I be able to use the arrange in the octatrack to arrange patterns in the AR as well? Haven’t received my AR yet, should ship tomorrow, trying to get a handle on this before it gets here.



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Thank you

How do you find the OT AR ?

I have an AR and thinking to ger an OT

Sold the OT because I couldn’t get the slice to zero crossing to work, so when I created a loop on a synth using midi tracks, sampled it in to chop up, there were always clicks and pops. I use the AR with a digitone, blofeld and A4 now, and capture loops in ableton via overbridge. I have a great time with this set up, but I miss the idea of the OT, if it functioned right for slicing captured loops. If someone could tell me what I did wrong I’d likely buy another asap.

I love the combo. You can cover a lot of ground with it.

I see now - yes this is what I wanted to do- if this is an issue than I might pass- maybe it’ s good for sampling one shot sounds for loop maybe it is better Ableton