Beware of fraudulent sellers on eBay & this listing

I dont know about you guys, but I’ve been disappointed with some of the sellers on eBay lately.

In case anyone is interested in buying a used Machinedrum UW+, please be careful of this listing. The guy is a fraud and extremely rude.

Mentioned 2 yrs warranty left, and doenst have the courtesy to provide details of manufacturing date. Came back swearing at me because I asked why he doesn’t want to provide:

really feel very disappointed with some of the people on eBay. I think I would much rather buy from a tight community like ours… :3lektron::heart_eyes:


So I took the plunge and I am protected by eBay policy… let’s see if this guy is the real deal :slight_smile:

??? He’s a fraud and extremely rude so you bought from him?

I’m confused


taking it for the team and protected by ebay policy to see if this guy is genuine.

am too old for this shit.

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When you want a Machinedrum, you gotta get a Machinedrum

Simple as that

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Exactly, me too. Gut is usually right.

Might want to cleanse that MD under the full moon or something… :wink:

I did the same thing last year.

Bought an old Akai S950 from someone on eBay. They were rude and really evasive with questions. But it was a good price, looked in great shape in the photos and they had good feedback.

When it arrived the machine was giving large electric shocks and the filter was playing up. Not good. So I sent it straight back the same day.

He went nuts, said it was fine when it left him, accused me of using it for parts and filling his unit back up with dodgy old parts.

He then became very threatening to the extent that he was going to come round and sort me out and search my house for all the other S950s I was repairing using his parts.

I ended up opening a PP case and even had to refer it to the police in the end.

It was a nightmare plus I had over £60 extra postage costs I never got back.

Jeez :frowning: Sounds stressful as f&#k. Hope yours goes better @Nikarga

:scream::scream::scream: what a nightmare! Sorry to hear that - I should be receiving the unit today so will give it a pretty thorough examination.

Thanks @Callofthevoid , fingers crossed.
I asked him to check manufacturing date and said it was 12/2015 on the sticker underneath so unit should be under warranty still.

They come with 2yrs I think? He’s registered the unit worh elektron too so will just transfer that over if all :ok_hand:t3:

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Paid £860 so decent deal but not ridiculously cheap…

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Yep true story. I still keep copies of the emails just in case. I looked him up at the time and he is 6ft or pure muscle too!

The worrying thing was at the time I actually had another S950!

Thinking back it wasn’t even that cheap - £580! But it was maxed out, looked mint an was the only one on ‘buy it now’… I guess patience is a virtue :slight_smile:

But yeah I’m sure you will fine. I’ve only had a few bad transactions in many years of buying and selling gear.

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Don’t quote me but thought Elektron warranties weren’t transferable? :thinking:

They are transferable, the previous owner just needs to unregister the machine to free up the serial code.

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Yep you’re right. 3 year warranty it seems also. That’s a good warranty

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Just read this also on Elektron site regarding warranty:

’Being able to prove the date of the original purchase with an invoice or a receipt is necessary if you require warranty service.'

Not sure how hard they police that, but may be a good idea to request the sales receipt from the seller just in case :+1:


I actually asked a guy from Store DJ that question earlier today (you’re from Oz aren’t you?) and he told me that they handle warranty for three years as long as you’ve got original proof of purchase. On that note, anyone interested in a Monomachine?

Yeah obvs grab receipt if poss. I’d guess Elektron would still be cool for 3 years after manufacturing date without it tho? Which sounds OK on this unit…

the guy de-registered his unit from the Elektron website so it should be fine without a receipt. To be honest it would be very poor form from Elektron if they did not provide warranties without the original purchase receipt if the unit has been registered before.

Can someone from Elektron clarify this? I should ask customer support if not and post back here.

Did the dude buy it new?
Does he have or can he obtain the invoice?