Bi-directionional Midi Question

Hey, might be stupid, but I have a question regarding midi directions of start and stop as well as clock sync signals.

Is it somehow possible to connect lets say the Octatrack with Ableton and a rytm and have everyone control the the others at the same time. So letzts say I could press start or stop on any machine and fiddle with the clock settings on all machines and have the others always react.

I don´t know, since there has to be a clock source how this would work. But the abbility to fiddle with the clock on the machine you are actually on would be great.

Pretty sure that’s a no.

Without an external midi click device, that may be able to help do something similar. But those things can be a few hundred quid.

In my experience, you need one source. The rest do their best to keep in time.

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