Bi-weekly record-diving sampling extravaganza | 12 | Wayne Shorter - Genesis

Welcome to another new edition of our bi-weekly record-diving sampling extravaganza!

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For this week’s sample track, we’ll be focusing on a recently departed musical icon, fusion jazz pioneer, Wayne Shorter. The track “Genesis,” comes from the album “The All Seeing Eye,” which is the ninth jazz album by saxophonist Wayne Shorter. The album was recorded on October 15, 1965, and released on the Blue Note label as BLP 4219 and BST 84219 in 1966. There is not enough space in this thread to detail the extraordinary life this individual led during his time on this planet, but here is some light wiki-info about the album, and his career, respectively:

In the album’s original liner notes, Shorter explains that the album was conceived as an attempt to depict the meaning of life, existence and the nature of God and the universe. In the long interview with Nat Hentoff, the saxophonist mentions the meanings of each piece, which will be hereby shortly summarized: “The All Seeing Eye” depicts the ubiquitous eye of God; “the solos, moreover, depict the machinery involved in the process of creation”. “Genesis” obviously refers to the creation of all things; if the first part mostly consists in free tempo phrases, it “goes into 4/4 straight time to indicate that everything is beginning to settle down”. Shorter further explains that he tried to give “Genesis” an open-endedness feeling “because, once begun, the creative process keeps going”. “Chaos” reflects “wars, disagreements and the difficulty men have in understanding each other”, whilst “Face of the Deep”, a ballad in a minor key – the more cohesive piece of the album -, mirrors God bethinking on His creation. Shorter meant the composition as hopeful. The closing piece, “Mephistopheles”, is a composition by Wayne’s older brother Alan, and it emphasizes the ominous presence of evil; Wayne notes: “At the end, that loud, high climax can be taken as a scream. If you consort with the Devil, and are fooled by his unpredictability, that scream is a measure of the price you pay […] and you are consigned to an eternity of torture, fire and brimstone”.

Wayne Shorter (August 25, 1933 – March 2, 2023) was an American jazz saxophonist and composer.[1] Shorter came to prominence in the late 1950s as a member of, and eventually primary composer for, Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers. In the 1960s, he joined Miles Davis’s Second Great Quintet, and then co-founded the jazz fusion band Weather Report. He recorded more than 20 albums as a bandleader.

Many Shorter compositions have become jazz standards, and his music has earned worldwide recognition, critical praise, and commendation. Shorter won 12 Grammy Awards.[2] He was acclaimed for his mastery of the soprano saxophone since switching his focus from the tenor in the late 1960s and beginning an extended reign in 1970 as DownBeat ‘s annual poll-winner on that instrument, winning the critics’ poll for 10 consecutive years and the readers’ for 18.[3] The New York Times music critic Ben Ratliff described Shorter in 2008 as “probably jazz’s greatest living small-group composer and a contender for greatest living improviser”.[4] In 2017, he was awarded the Polar Music Prize.[5]

Personal note
The chosen song for this week took a lot of going back and forth because Shorter’s death was not an expected outcome for the world this week, and I can’t imagine what the Shorter family is going through at this time. Moreover, not only was he personally responsible for numerous sample-worthy tracks, but Shorter was part of a group that also have numerous sample-worthy tracks, and he is also featured on numerous other legendary musicians’ sample-worthy tracks. The choice was difficult in such a short time frame with the amount of options available, and his work is worthy of several sample revisits!

Although it isn’t ever in my wishes to find a fellow naut experiencing tough circumstances in life, I can say with great confidence that if one finds themselves in search of solace through musical aid then they can rest assuredly among the many soul elixirs in the catalog of Wayne Shorter.

Here is (the new 24bit flac) link to the track, please delete it after using:
Wayne Shorter - Genesis

Here is (the op flac) link to the track, please delete it after using:
Wayne Shorter - Genesis

Here is the full album in 24bit .flac from
Wayne Shorter - The All Seeing Eye

Album Photos:

(note: pictures taken from google search)


YOU have been selected by the notorious Global Sound Syndicate for a top-secret operation. Not really, please, share with your friends, family, and even The Hamburgalar’s sticky-fingered heist crew.


-Sample any part(s) of the track we’ve nominated
-Spend no more than 1 week turning it into music
-Post your creations here for us all to enjoy

Deadline: Sunday , March 12, 2023

Submit your entry no later than 11:59 PM, Sunday, March 12, 2023, or be faced with a brief moment of self-loathing for not participating. Submissions entered on later dates are also welcome!


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You can use as much or as little of the sample track as you like, you just have to use it. No winners, no losers, just good times!

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Going to install the Digitakt update and see what I can cook up with this sample - hopefully get a chance to tackle it tomorrow!

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SWEET :muscle: Looking foreard to hearing what you come up with man, and good luck in the lab! :man_scientist:

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Damn. Just got the whole track into the 404 and it goes into hard jazz fast.

I tried looking up bpm and only can get info on “Second Genesis” (which got the drums!).

Imma need tap tempo on this one.

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If this track has a BPM then I think you need to be a wizard to work it out haha. I feel like it’s probably pretty fluid with its time signatures maybe? Jazz messes with my brain a bit haha




I can’t wait to dig into this honestly there are so many cool trumpet sounds in here, there’s a bit where it sounds like a balloon deflating. I might make that the bedrock of my track :laughing: :balloon:


Yeah… and theres a weird didgeridoo sound towards the end which I imagine is just a growl through a saxophone.


@BLKrbbt That’s awesome haha and nice digging! :beers: Funny you mentioned that track because that was the initial pick for the sample but I remember people mentioning in older challenges, myself included, of not being able to pick the parts out of tracks because of background drums. You’re more than welcome to use that track if you find parts you like from there! :muscle:


It’s jazz time! :thinking: Sounds dope haha hope you find some neat sections out of it man the whole track is wild :older_man:


Maybe I am just used to drum breaks with all the drum and bass, but the last extravaganza, all I heard and pulled was just drums from the drum machine.


“It’s a 4, 6, 7, 9, 1!”


“The fuck guys…”



That face/line had to have been said at least once by someone in the band in the early jazz/fusion days :rofl:


I canny keep up. Just finished the last one :joy:


So, how does it work?
Just publish here a soundcloud link with a rmx?


Yeah, You just post here however you want… its not “Judged”, just appreciated by all…

Sometimes I make multiple sketches and post them up…



Yo… what the f#*k.

How am I going to follow that?

THATS how you produce. Everything was so tight.

Seriously… that sh!t kinda got me F*#ked up.

Like… Im not gonna play a pick up game if Steph Curry is shooting shots on the other side of the court…


In light of recent comments on the DnB forum, I have to say…

This aged rather poorly.


@Crudelia SLAM DUNK ALERT! Nice clean cuts, and the whole track is tough. Was not notified that we we’re going to take a visit to the chop shop so soon! Thanks for sharing with us, and I really think you did a glorious praise to a fallen legend :beers:

Also my bad for not getting back to you about submissions, and thanks @BLKrbbt for the guidance while I was away :muscle: Sweating for a last min submission for your DnB challenge :sweat_smile:


I like how we both had basketball metaphors.

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That’s one of the best submissions I’ve heard on here.