Hey there, I’m interested in switching over to use Bitwig and was wondering if anyone on here has tried it or maybe even switched to it. If so, how are you finding it? It looks like a cool thing

Not a lot of Bitwig users out there i suppose.

I have Live and have demo’ed Bitwig quite a bit.

Assuming Bitwig keeps developing well, I figure I will switch eventually.

Bitwig is new and raw. Initially shipped with a ton of bugs and some glaring deficiencies. In the 3+ months since it shipped, there have been 8 or so updates which have fixed lots of bugs and added some small but important features. It is currently at 1.0.10 and 1.1 is alleged to be out in a month or two. Then 1.2 maybe a few months after that.

Bitwig has some core functions that are sweet. I very much like the hybrid tracks and bounce in place for example. There are also various things you would expect to be there and which aren’t and it needs plenty of refining.

I think it depends on what you want whether it is ready yet or not.

I’m going to switch for sure - it’s totally brilliant. But at the moment I can’t work with it.
Last time I checked I couldn’t use anything but a stereo adda as multichannel audio wasn’t supported. Not sure if that’s been addressed but that spun me out when I found out that.
Obviously this is going to be fixed and really version 2 is where the money is at.

Looks nice. No AU support. No thanks.

couldn’t be bothered…all DAW’s do the same thing, they’re all boring…pick one. master it, and stick with it


Every plug-in I use has both AU and VST but I don’t use that many plug-ins. Are there some particular plug-ins you use that are AU only?

Anyone else using Bitwig? I’ve been trying it out by itself lately and it’s not too bad. Definitely a bit raw, but I think it’s intuitive and easy to make beats with. I haven’t tried it with Overbridge or any hardware yet, how does Bitwig fair in that regard?

I switch to Bitwig.

Just an incredible new and modern DAW, just wait for full over bridge 1.O, not just beta, support cames from Elektron.

the easiest way to compare is if you keep in mind that ableton is on version 9.5, bitwig 1.3.

this gets often overlooked, ableton is a crew of around 50-70 employees, bitwig ist jsut around 10.

bitwig does have a more appealing GUI, the so called plugin nesting is a very neat feature and i like the quality of the internal effects.

but there ist some potential for improvement as in ableton, studio one, cubase, logic, FL studio, pro tools and what not…

ableton has it’s downsides, especially the summing of the audioengine, the quality of the built in efx, the soundsources of the sample content…
but i don’t use the internal library in ableton, so in bitwig…

ableton has it’s benefits that a lot of thrid party app development is going on, like touchable 3 for ipad

so i think bitwig will take it’s safe place in DAW world, but it needs some time and development.

the same time and development like 12 years ago as ableton started to get noticed as a serious workstation. back then everyone laughed at me and told me, there is no place behind logic, pro tools and cubase…
then they proved them all wrong

I have switched to Bitwig from Logic audio.
Never had any problem with it and it seems to be rock stable on my system though there still some bugs but nothing major imo.
I’ve tried Ableton in the past but never liked some aspect of it.
Bitwig is still young but show lots of potential.

Some thing i like from Bitwig :

-plugin sandboxing (it works !)
-layered editing
-Native modulation system !!
-You can edit audio inside a clip.
-Mouse wheel for zooming :slight_smile:
-Audio and Midi receiver

The workflow is almost perfect for my need and its cheap.

Bitwig 2.0 just announced.

The new modulation system in v 2 sounds very tempting. Been contemplating on ditching ableton for bitwig for some time already. This is making the itch stronger.

Overbridge seems to work very well in bitwig also. hmm

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Konnichiwa. I was about to ask-how is Overbridge in Bitwig. I am also tempted. Ableton is too slow and unoptimized. If version 10 is the same I will sell license and move onward.

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According to @William_WiLD bitwig performs great with overbridge

I confirm, best experience with Overbridge is on Bitwig for me.

I set Elektron Plugin to load it up each in their own process (in Bitwig preferences), i guess this help a bit further in stability. Sync is the most precise nearly the perfection.

I have no interest in Bitwig that’s just my experiences when i build the OB templates for Logic, Bitwig and Ableton Live.

The only two thing i didn’t like in Bitwig is the UI but i can accommodate to it with time (just my taste) and the fact we can’t zoom vertically, which is possible on logic and i find it very useful sometimes…

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Had Bitwig, sold Bitwig. It’s nice but still too invested in Live and Push 2 is just phenomenal. But, if Live 10 doesn’t bring the ease of MPE performance that Bitwig has then that may force me to revisit things.

Gonna keep an eye on v2 though, sounds interesting!

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does bitwig sound better than ableton 9?

I’m quite happy with Live/Push 2 for my DAW needs, but I’ve been more interested in Bitwig since I learned that you can use it with the Surface Pro. Given the way Apple is castrating their products, I may make the switch back to Windows again in the next couple years, and the new features in Bitwig look quite useful…might have to see about getting a Surface and Bitwig sometime in the future.

Of course, in looking at it I’ve also since seen that they have a version of Bitwig limited to 8 tracks that’s been given away as a promo with various gear. Anyone have one of these promos laying around that they won’t use? I normally don’t like asking strangers on the internet for freebies, but I’m curious about this DAW and really dislike demos for evaluation purposes.