Black Friday 2016

Anyone remember around when Elektron had their winter sale last year? Now I’m down to just two Elektron boxes and am kind of getting the itch to finally get the RYTM…

theyve discounted some sound packs.
no sign of hardware discounts … so far.

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If i remember well kt was just before christmas but not really sure

I went into my email and answered my own question: they did 10% off on the Analog machines starting on Nov. 27th last year.


i found soundtoys 5 for 250 dollars an attractive offer, I paid much more for them when they came out and use them in nearly every mix I make.

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Perfect Circuit has some items on sale, 10% on everything else are doing Push 2 for £479… and I bought it for £600 two weeks ago :confounded:

Yeah Waves is up. API Collection is 150. I just bought the EQ for 50 a couple days back. Jerks. Tricky business.

Not sure if this is a black friday thing, but I just picked up Reaktor 6 for 50% off


I find you can usually get about 10% of analog machines by simply not buying them from Elektron


ouch! lesson learned not to purchase anything on the run up to black friday i bet :wink:

Oto Bam from Perfect Circuit ordered for $499 :grinning: Them and pro audio star seem to have the best US hardware deals.

Hey you should contact the company you bought the push from they might kick back the difference. Amazon did this for me when the camera I bought dropped £100 a week after i bought it. Worth a shot!

Thing is, they’ve actually not got a discount on it. It’s a different site showing the discount. Although I may still be in my returns period.

Some credit cards cover you in this way…

On Time+Space plugin site there are some massive discounts.
Yesterday I bought the gorgeous iZotope Trash2+2expansions+DDLY for £23…great deal for my point of view



Seems like I will save more money this holiday because nothing impress me so far.


U-he are offering 30% on diva…