Black Friday 2016

I thought it could be a good idea to Collect some Black Friday deals here.

I’ve seen ableton offers 20% on push

Universal audio has a plugin sale going on

Any of you seen anything interesting already?

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Waves plugs have a special also.

JRR Shop are doing big discounts on MachineDrums and Monomachines “while stocks last” up to 40%!


haha nice one: Availability: Out of stock.

roland demora , scooper etc cheap on thomman , 140 euros each


wow, that sounds great. i was always curious about those. they can all be used as desktop units too and they have that editor so you can reconfigure them. like a modular inside a module. i think regular price is around 280€? they could work great with elektron stuff.

Eventide have some good deals on their plugins right now.

soundtoys will too

Waves was talking about having 80% off their most popular.

Seems MDs are still there…

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MD is really cheap omg.

Someone know how much it would cost to import from this US website to UK ?

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D16 have 40% off most of their plugins ( not repeater)

I hope Thor ( iPad app) gets a discount. A lot of good apps are discounted , more details on dischord website
Andertons sent out an email pushing their b stock sale yesterday.

Add 20% vat , plus customs charge , plus shipping.

Red Dog Music in the UK are offering money back to one customer a day this week.
So if you blow a grand on an Elektron box there’s a small chance you might get the cash back :wink:

Ooooo Shoom. Good find.

I cant find these? am I just being an idiot…?

New Sonic Arts - Granite, Vice, and Nuance - regularly 99, now 59.

If they don’t you can (probably?) rest assured there’s nothing new in the pipeline.

(Though I personally (usually?) never buy anything so close to NAMM (Come oonnnnn Eventide H10!!!)

Anyway just get one used.

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Elektron doesn’t have any OT’s to offer discount on.

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I honestly do not think so. Because a.) They just released the Heat. b.) It’s still the baddest ass in town. By a long shot. I don’t think it’s Elektron’s character to release some hum-drum follow up. I think they will do their best to blow minds further. And that will take some time.

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All the aria fx boxes sold out quickly and no longer available.

I’ve hopefully got demora coming but not shipped / confirmed yet.

Apparently other stores might be selling some cheap but I don’t know which stores.