Blank fields speculation


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I know other machines, Rytm at least, have blank parameter fields. I doubt this means they will be filled with something.


Mono has blank parameter fields on synth pages too. Not a whole bunch but they are there.
It’s nice to hope they will get filled on the digitakt with features that have been suggesteted through cenk’s demos and stuff.


The reverb could get something like stereo spread or size, on the other fields i have no idea what could be implemented …
And maybe there won´t be something implemented …
I guess the blank fields on AR will never be filled.

Size would be awesome

has an X in it when its not blank

ok good to know

so just add a lolling tongue?

X means not assigned to a parameter :wink:

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sounds like a “waiting state” if you ask me

No dude,
the “x” can be found mostly or only (?) at the MIDI tracks,
this means you have to assign them manually by yourself.

If you want to send MIDI data of track 1 to MIDI channel 1, you have to assign this!
Otherwise no data will be send!

wait… you are saying it means they are waiting to be assigned by yourself?

are you sure about that

Yes, those are the midi tracks that have the x. Function and pushing down the encoder activates it. Then the user dials in the setting ie midi channel, cc number.


so they are in a “waiting state” after all?

like i said in the very beginning?

or is it like something else?

If that is what you meant yea. Maybe the person that was responding to you misunderstood what you meant.

that sounds like an incredibly logical deduction based on some seemingly accurate observations

of course, you could probably call it something else as well

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“waiting state” …
Means it is waiting until you make some assignments :wink:

Hope it´s clear now!?

yeh… uh huh…