BLEASS Motion FX vs. Sidekick

Gday my friends.

I just picked up the closest thing I heard to Shaperbox for iOS.


My question is how different is it from Sidekick? Is it just an added kick drum?


Sidekick has both sequencing for the gating and can receive MIDI to trigger the sidechain. The amount of control over the sidechain is really quite impressive, as is the kick itself (which can be enabled or disabled) featuring options to tune it to the desired frequency, alter the waveform, shape the attack, decay, punch etc.

I can’t really compare with Motion FX as it’s not something I’ve used but I like Sidekick a lot.


That’s really good to know.

What do you use to get midi to iOS?

I have a midi to usb cable. If you use that, what brand works well?

I generally use it within AUM, taking the MIDI from an AUv3 sequencer (Polybeat, for example) but external MIDI should work in the same way

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I’m picking up Aum and Dambo once the iPad comes in. So that’s good to know.

Thanks for the input!

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My pleasure!

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I own a bunch of Bleass products and for the most part they are great. But, I will no longer purchase from them anymore.
Bleass Shimmer has had a serious bug when running it on a Mono track in Logic (probably any DAW). It will glitch out and blast the output to the extreme. Seriously dangerous to your speakers.
I was in contact with the main dude (can’t think of his name) and he assured me he had a bug fix coming in about 3 months.
I was disappointed it was going to take that long but I was willing to wait.
Well, 4 months went by and no response despite seeing many new products being released.
It’s been 8 months and he doesn’t bother even responding to emails at this point and there has been no updates (still 1.3).
I guess you get what you pay for.

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If that’s the case, I’ll just stick with Motion FX.

There are too many plugins out there to deal with bugs and bad customer service.

Yeah, I think it’s a small operation (not sure really though) but it soured my taste for their software.
I have like 10 plugins already though and they do sound good.

I actually just wrote him again after posting, figured I’d give them one more chance.
If it was a small bug I probably wouldn’t have cared but it legit almost blew my speakers.

Some sort of feedback loop issue. He confirmed it so they are definitely aware.

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I appreciate the heads up.

Let ‘‘em know they are losing customers because of word of mouth

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