Blind Test // Drum Machines - Episode 23 (Electronic Beats TV)


That was super fun! Only got 1,5 points (Elektron Machinedrum and Yamaha but not the model).

However, like KiNK said I now feel a bit stressed about my budget. :rofl: Tempest sounds superb and Modor is nice too…

Edit: Actually, both Korgs sounded really good (and tweakable) as well.

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Lol, the reactions on the Behringer RD-9 :smiley:

and also this really convinced me to keep my ER-1! it sounded amazing in this video!


Was impressed that they knew it was a 909 but not a 909.


I got the RX-7, ER1, MD, Kawai, I thought the RD-9 was Jomox, not very close to TR-909 so knew it was not TR-09.

Made me regret selling my ER1 and remember I have a Volca Drum somewhere.

Nice programming!


I love these videos. I always do terriable but love them nevertheless. There are so many different and unique sounding drum machines out there that they could probably run this series for a long time. Surprised their wasnt a Pearl SY 1, or Nord Drum. The Yamaha is such an epic 80s machine.