Bluebox 1010 help

Hello, I wonder if I have the wrong cables from my Digitakt and Digitone to the Bluebox or maybe this is normal behaviour, but I can only Pan to the left and hear audio, anything to the right is silent which is like a mono setup? 3.5mm to 6.35mm Audio Cable[1 M], VIOY 1/8’’ Stereo TRS to Dual 1/4’’ Mono TS Jack Y Splitter Adapter Digital Interface Instrument Cable for Mixer, Guitar, Amplifier, Audio Recorder

Check your cable works elsewhere…then check the 3.5 end is fully inserted in the BB. I’ve had a few times when I’ve not pushed it all the way in and got mono.

Are your BB inputs set to stereo?

Yeah they seem fine, it;s both the DT and DN. I’ve only had it a week or 2 so I’m still learning how to use it.

I think so, like this you mean?

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Was about to say same. Tried a different stereo cable? Is it the same on all BB inputs?

EDIT: “Steroid cable” :slight_smile:

And you’re using the 'phones out from DT/DN…not one of the mono outs?

I just use the L and R outputs on each Digi to the stereo input on the BB, using those cables in the link. I’m not sure would else to test them on.

Those cables should theoretically be fine. Have you tested it on other inputs on the BlueBox?

Do you have a 3.5 to 6.3mm adapter that you could use to test the cable via a headphone out on the Digitone to the ins on the Digitakt?

Its going to be simple…could you use the 3.5-6mm cable in reverse from your 'phone not the inputs of the Digitakt?

So I got a 1/8 cable into input 4 on the Bluebox to my Steam Deck’s stereo audio port (gaming device) and their is a audio L to R test it does and I can hear on the L but not the R again if I manually select the L or R channel on the Bluebox (Tracks + B option). I see the blue bar go up and down though so it is getting the signal.

OK. Let’s not give up. On the BB there’s a Pan option under the Track option. Don’t suppose it’s all the way over to the L?

Do you get the R channel from anything on the BB? Have you tried the different outs?

I think I have it working, I basically did a reset by upgrading my firmware and some other changes.

The only other issue I have left is when I record from the DT and DN I hear some white noise. I did turn them off and still get it. I’m using the power supply that came with it too.

Also on the DT and DN I have their volume knobs at about 1 o’clock and they don’t sound too loud, do I increase the gain on the BB to help with this? What settings do you use?


I am quite new to this.

I was hoping someone could share their Bluebox 1010 and say Digitakt/Digitone settings with regards to volume and keeping any white noise very low?

I have my Digitakt and Digitone and plugged into the Bluebox 1010 and my headphones into the phones ports and when I play my gear it’s not the loudest. I have my volume knobs on the DT and DN at about 1 o’clock as I’ve read it’s not best to have them at the max and I have my individual tracks at 100 or thereabouts.

Also when I record it’s volume isn’t the loudest either and I can hear a little white noise when it’s quiet. I did record with the DT and DN off and can still hear it.

I was just hoping some could advise on what I’m doing wrong here, thanks.

I don’t think I’ve ever had any issues with my Elektrons being too low. That said, the overall input volume on the BB is a little bit low. It doesn’t seem to impact the audio quality at all though, and boosting it later doesn’t seem to bring up any noise floor issues. However, I’ve started just tweaking the gain level on Track page lately, and getting all levels up slightly. That also hasn’t introduced any new noise at all.

What do you have your volume knobs set to on the Elektrons?

Good question. :smiley: Not home right now. I generally keep them high, but not quite pegged.

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Maybe I can get mine close to your setup and test

Hi. Glad you’re getting there. I keep my A4 and Digitakt at about 2 o’clock main volume when recording in to the BB. I’ve not had any noise but have noticed the odd audio lead gave noise so I put it aside to resolver and used a different one. I found the USB power lead to be quite important on one occasion when I used another one by mistake.

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I think I keep mine around there as well. Definitely up and to the right. I usually adjust by ear though depending on the patch etc. in use for the track. (both at the instrument, and using the gain setting on the BB)

Oh, another thing just sprang to mind! Completely slipped my mind because I have a template that I start from with everything set the way I like it (give or take).

Check the Compressor settings! The Threshold setting by default is set WAY to low. Like -20db or something like this. This squashes everything WAY down, but without making up the gain. That would be the first thing that I’d check before tweaking Gain settings on the Track page. The more tracks you have active the more noticeable this will be. So if you’re just working with a single track, you probably won’t notice it quite as much.

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