Blush Response vs. MariaNO1R

Like his music or not (to me it’s crap) but this Blush guy seems to be a total dickhead which seems to think it’s totally fine to harass a girl.


What are you referring to ?

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I refer to his sexual harassment against Marie No1r (owner of Impartial Waves Rec) earlier this year. After she went public (Screenshots of awful messages from Mr. Blush) he came up with fad excuses ala “I’m human, I’m a strange person, we all make mistakes bla bla blurb” on his fb.


Fun fact there is a video from her faking dj set on Youtube at the moment if you guys didn’t check it already , it is worth looking.

Her faking a DJ set has nothing to do with her being harassed. Why mention it?


I did find some traces of this on the internet.

Anyway, it seems both parties want this to be forgotten now… I’ll keep in mind what it says about Blush Response, but let’s drop it now, I guess all has been said.