Boombap/lofi hiphop beattape made entirely on the DT

I’ve been posting music in the hiphop made on the digitakt topic regularly, but I decided it was time to release a full beattape!



This 8 track ep is an exploration of the Digitakt as a boombap/lofi machine. All tracks are made entirely on the DT and recorded as masters out of the stereo outs.

The tracks are made by sampling vinyl, some instruments and my fav synth (the moog grandmother) into the DT, and chopping/sequencing everything in there.

Hope you guys like it!


Just had a listen through, nice tight sound, congrats on getting it out there

Thanks for listening! Appreciate it.

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Yay the beattape is here. Nice work. Love your beats bro.

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This awesome. Went to just check it out. Left it running while I check out the latest on Elektronauts with my morning coffee. And it’s Sunday, so perfect. Congrats on the release.


Thanks for listening @craig and @blaize ! You guys’ tunes inspire me a lot btwz


Solid work @Sleepyhead

Sounds like more.

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Gonna give this a listen or ten ASAP!

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Appreciate it man! :heart:

Will you ever post your albums on Bandcamp? I’m definitely into them!

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Thank you! My latest projects are all on spotify, but looking into creating a bandcamp page is definitely on my list.

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