Boss IR-200 Experiences

I got one of these today and its way better than I expected. I have no interest in the amp modeling (I turned it off) and will use it purely as an IR loader coming after a Victory VC35HD via a TwoNotes Captor and before some stereo delay and reverbs. It will almost certainly make my year old Strymon Iridium a bit redundant. Nothing wrong with the Iridium - I’ve been very happy with it, but the IR-200 holds 100s of IRs compared to only 9 on the Iridium. I certainly don’t need 100’s on a daily basis but more than 9 will be fun, as will being able to step through 128 named memory slots.

I was a bit concerned that there would be too many menus to navigate, but I quickly discovered that they are so logical and well thought out that I’m jumping through them with ease.