Break (OT/AR/AH/TB03/Monologue/lifeforms)

I really love just doing jams in my studio, just connect some gear and start the journey. Here is another one. I know its not perfect but I like to do this and learn a lot from doing this. I just want to share it with you (Already the third one I post here) Thanks for listening!


Jamming is cool :slight_smile:
A medecine for the mind !

Don’t know what monitoring system you have but your AR BT is producing a looooot of bass : my regular speakers were suffering !
I don’t know how untamed such bass are, you might want to look into this next time :slight_smile:

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Yes it is!

Ive got monotors but I hardly use them because of the kids sleeping. The combo midnight jamming and kids is not very good. So its headphones and I was aware that the bass is indeed very… well… phat and deep. But it was within an okay level imo… I love my AR for those basses… but maybe this time it was a bit to much, sorry for your speakers and the neighbours :grin:

Thanks for listening and your feedback!

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Good atmosphere. A bit dark and mysterious. I like those higher tones drenched in reverb in the background! Nice solid beat. The bass really does sound great on headphones!

Is that a Strymon Deco on the left?

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Yes its the strymon deco! I love that pedal!
Thanks for your kind words! Those higher tones lost in the reverb is the TB03 with the verb on max and a bit of delay on the OT.

You like running the stereo buss through Deco? How about the Heat? Any preference or does it just depend on the material? Just curious. I’ve thought about both at one time or another for something to put on the master out.

Absolutely love this TB-03 through lots of reverb! Sounds great! I’ll have to get more aggressive with my reverb now.

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The deco is making the lifeforms sounds so good (a bit of a floating ambient vibe) and the heat is processing the Rytm. I think the heat is great for drums! It makes for instance the tt606 sound like a beast. When I just got the heat i used it on the master out, but I couldnt find the right setting to make it sound awesome. For a liveset its great but not in the studio. So I use it voor drums and basses.

As for comparison Deco/Heat is not really the case. They are totally different. At first I thought it was overkill to have both but they sound so differently. The deco is also a pretty good slapbackdelay and can make your synth sound wide like a chorus. The Heat does the saturation part much better and has presets… so I couldnt choose and kept both and use both…

I totally love reverb! I use it a lot, sometimes a bit to much. I dont like the reverb in the OT though, so I have to get me a strymon blue sky or eventide space… for now the reverb on the A4 is pretty good!
Thanks for listening and comment, appriciate it!