Breezy think break workout from over the weekend (feedback wanted :))

Here’s a laid back Think break from this weekend. Thanks LTJ Bukem for giving me a bassline to lift (I think it’s LTJ Bukem? I can’t remember the name of the track.) I was going for that kind of jazzy/ambient jungle feel. I don’t have much experience working with breakbeats so it took me a while just to get a sampler workflow figured out. My review, as someone who usually programs house beats in a step sequencer from one shots, is that it’s way too much fun :sweat_smile:

Please, if you hear things to do with the mix let me know! I EQed as I went but am not sure where to go with it next. I’m also not totally sold on the arrangement… I’d like to make something a DJ could work with and it probably could use another minute or two and a longer outro?


great arrangement. it has a beginning middle and end that all guide each other along in a smooth way. reminds me of a playthrough of Jet Set Radio Future. Trying over and over again to beat the NPC in a race, finding no frustration because the music was coll listening anyways.

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Thank you, this is a gorgeous image. I’ll have to try putting it on while playing some racing games and see how that feels