Brute Latch?

Is there no latch on the Brute seq/arp?

i think you have to enable it through the software editor if it’s allowing it to run without holding down a key

Which one? mini minSE or the micro?

from the manual nirun is correct:

Play Mode
This selects between PLAY, OFF and RECORD.
• Play - In Play mode, the sequencer will play based on the Keymode. Keymode is set in the MicroBrute editor software.
• Off – This turns the Sequencer Off.
• Record – This puts the sequencer into Record mode. This will allow you to record over an existing sequence. If you move the switch to Record but then realize that you do not want to write over the current sequence, you can either move the switch back to OFF or select the sequence that you want to record over with the Pattern Knob. When you record your first note/rest, then you have written over the current sequence.

ummm… I missed that. Thanks fellas.


also, patch gate out to gate in does it, i think.
NM, you said seq. sorry.
yeah I have that set to latched on.