Buddha Machine Ambient w/ Modular & Heat

Here’s a little experiment I really enjoyed doing :

This is a loop from the Philip Glass Buddha Machine that I processed though the Modular then into El Capistan 100% wet + Space and Heat.

Slowly decaying into obscurity.

I almost missed a train doing this one, will do more when I get back ! I feel like I could have pushed the saturation a bit more on the Heat. I love these Buddha Machine, they are great little boxes to put you to sleep.

Edit : not posted this in my usual modular techno w/ Digitakt thread because this is so different. Hope you enjoy nonetheless !
(Modular Techno w/ Digitakt)


This is lovely man, great work :sunglasses:

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Thank you ! I really had a good time doing this, I’ll definitely do more. I have another Buddha Machine to try and I’m going to do a few loops on the OP1 while I’m away.

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