Bug? Multiple track mute/unmute. Test please

Wondering if I can get a sanity check please?

OS Version: v1.25B

When in Mixer mode, pressing any of the track buttons individually sends a Midi CC message, and works as expected.

When attempting to mute/unmute multiple tracks simulteonusly, the following results occur:

  • Multiple Audio tracks: Midi CC messages sent per Audio track in ascending track order.

  • Multiple Midi tracks: No Midi CC messages sent at all.

  • Multiple Audio and Audio tracks: Midi messages sent per Audio track in ascending track order, but none at all for Midi tracks.

Can anyone else test this and see if they get similar results please?

Maybe I am missing something, or not reading it right, but if the above results are correct / are replicated by others, then I would consider that a quite serious bug and will lodge it with Elektron

Hi Rusty, it is all working as expected here. The MIDI track mutes are sending on channel 1 in ascending CC starting from CC #112. Let me know if you need more info, settings etc.

Thanks NRain, most appreciated. :joy:

Hmmm… weird? I’m going to have to do some more tests today / wiggle a few cables… try and see where I’ve gone wrong… wouldn’t be the first time.

I’m going to need a little more help here… blush

Tried a different setup for testing, straight into Cubase, behaviour is the same… individually muting/unmuting midi tracks sends a relevant CC message (T09 = CC 112 … T16 = CC 119)

When attempting to perform multiple mute/unmutes of midi tracks… no CC messages at all.

It’s not the auto-channel that mess things up?

I get the same results regardless of the “Midi - Auto Channel” setting…

Auto Ch = Off, 1=Ch1, 2=Ch2 … 8=Ch8 --> No CC’s sent
Auto Ch = 1, 1=Ch1, 2=Ch2 … 8=Ch8 --> No CC’s sent
Auto Ch = 16, 1=Ch1, 2=Ch2 … 8=Ch8 --> No CC’s sent

Also got another issue regarding Parts… but I don’t think related…

Parts do not have midi control, so changing parts does not send a CC, and vis a vis, there is no way to change parts via midi CC?

Edit: never mind, auto channel has been covered… Not sure?. Could send you my project with empty banks. I have been recycling this same project in various incarnations since early OS days so maybe some old code got grandfathered in?
Or maybe you triggered Elektrons secret back door defence mechanism by digging too far into their code… “cough”

Re: Parts change via CC, not that I know of but I would like to note that it would be super handy if when a part were loaded it would send current CC values for all parameters. I did mention this to the devs at one point and as far as I could understand from the response loading a part “should” send current CC values but regardless, it doesn’t.

The “Midi - Auto Channel” setting? Tried a few different permutations, but no joy?


I seem to spend waaaayyyy more time fucking around with the Octatrack, and it’s issues then actually making any kind of music with it… think I’m basically at the end of my tether with the things now :confused:

All I am concerned about at the moment is to send a CC when the part is changed, and likewise be able to load a part via CC.

I’m trying to get two Octatracks talking to each other, but guess what? Not as easy as you would think…

The multiple Midi track muting problem, well, I’ve got the Master Midi track mutes mapped to the Slave Audio track mutes… so I can control the slave audio tracks, by switching on/off the relevant Midi track on the master. i.e. Master Midi Track 01 Mute/Unmute -> Slave Audio Track 01 Mute/Unmute

Course, with the Parts issue, if I change Part on the Master… there is no way to change Parts on the Slave.

Oh, the Mute/Unmute issue is not inherently on multiple Midi tracks… it occurs when trying to do one midi track Mute/Unmute when using [Function] + [Track]

PM Sent!

Sorry, edited my post just before your reply. Probably better (in my time zone) I get some sleep before trying again. Words are getting squirrely.

Thanks again for the file, haven’t had a chance to test it yet, hopefully over the weekend.