Bug? Mute track with ARP not muting at all (os 1.50)

Hi there. Just updated to OS 1.50 both my AK and AFmk2 and now when muting a track with an ARP, the ARP continues to play (and is latching on the last note), while previously muting a track with a running ARP did mute the track (has been like that since always). This happens on both AK and AFmkII. annoying… Is there a new setting to kill the ARP when muting the track? Thanks!

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Muting mutes the trigs, the current trig will continue to play until it finishes…
Are you sure you don’t have it set to inf? or possibly have it overlapping?

I can’t test mine at the moment, but I haven’t noticed this happen on mine that I can remember

Hi. Thanks for the feedback. I have checked and ARP length is not set to INF. When muting a track with a running ARP, the ARP does continue (but it drones on the last note). Before the 1.50 update, all was OK. And I have that behavior now on both AK and AF… has to do something with the latest update or a hidden parameter maybe? Anyway, muting should kill any played sound and it is not doing it now.

I just checked mine, it mutes for me,
do you have the amp release set really long?
Either that or Arp length set too long will make it continue to play

Thanks Dan. I did some tests and in fact, for a reason the notes lenghts were set to INF. I can’t tell if it was the case before as making a mute on those ARP tracks did work accordingly on the earlier OS.

Now, to me, with OS 1.50 when you mute a track with a running ARP on a certain note length, the mute let the note ends its length (so it is not “killing” sound, but let the note finish its stuff). I have got the impression that with earlier OS it was killing the sound regardless of a note length (which I think makes more sense).

Pretty sure it’s always been that way and hasn’t changed in 1.50 as the mutes only mute the trigs not the sound… Only the Octatrack mutes the actual audio…

Nope. Mutes have always just prevented the sequencer from executing new trigs. That’s why you can trigger new notes manually while a track is muted.

Necrobumping this with a related question: is there a way to do an audio mute on a track?

What I want is a way to stop sound from Track 2, immediately, regardless of whether an arp is playing or not.

Function + Track or In performance mode press trig 1-4. 2 in your case.

Nope, doesn’t stop sound when an arp is playing.

It is difficult to tell what is going on in your short video. What mode is the arp in, and what is the note length?

According to the manual:

And that’s the behavior I observe on my AK: if I mute a track that is playing an arp triggered by a 64 step note, the arpeggio will continue playing until that 64 step note is next triggered. THEN it will be muted.

I’m looking for a button combination that stops audio playback from a track immediately. I suspect the answer is that I need to use the individual outs and a mixer, and use the mutes on the mixer.

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You’re right. I had very short note length.

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I may have answered my own question: The way to perform an audio mute is to pull one of the tracks out of the main mix. Hopefully someone has a faster solution. No mixer is needed because when you route a track to an individual out, it is removed from the main mix.