Bulk move samples to sounds on Digitakt

Using sounds on the DT is much more convenient than using samples due to the search/filter etc and that they can be used in all projects. Is there a way to move samples in bulk to sounds? I’d love to be able to quickly throw all my kicks, snares and hats into sounds without having to do it one by one. Is there a way to do this? Thanks

i think the answer is “no”, because unless they are set up on a track the DT isn’t going to know what settings to save to the sound, so at best there might be a solution to save all 8 tracks simultaneously I guess…

(but you can’t do that either currently)

Wow, it’s gonna take a while to set up then. At least I can back it up with transfer so I don’t lose all my work. Thanks for confirming

If you make a track sound with the settings you like it’s pretty quick to swap out the sample and save it as a different sound. Its work, but not too bad.

I did this for a set of kicks and snares.

First load all the samples to your project, then set up track one to use that sample and change any settings you want. Then save it as a sound. Edit the src sample to the next one you want, rinse and repeat.

A sound saves all the settings, which I find to be invaluable vs just a raw sample, and agree that the filtering is also nice :slight_smile:

Thanks for this. As and when I make sounds I like I’ll save them with this method.


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is there really only one way to get sounds in the sound browser?? i want all 233 SR-16 sounds as the first 233 slots of the sound brower so they’re always right there on one knob, r u saying the only way to get those samples in the sound browser is to load each sample to a track one by one and re-export each one individually to a sound slot, renaming each single time? i get that the sound browser is so you can save track settings with the sound but how about just quick access to your favorite samples, is there really no “move to sound browser” function like a directory move? just move the samples with all default track settings, just like it would load to a track, just the sample as it is on disk. if not that’s like two hours of work just to get your most used sounds into the sound browser ?!?!

I’m not an experienced user but I added the Electronisounds pack to my DT using transfer. Added the sounds and a sysex file and I was able to drop them into the banks really easily.
Kicks in A
Snares in B etc etc

Maybe I’m entirely misunderstanding what’s being asked??

hadn’t tried transfer, i just spent 2 hours doing it by hand

I gave up with the sound browser. Now I just load samples.

If it’s just drum samples I wouldn’t bother with sounds, as it’s likely to just be default parameters. To play them back as one shot.

It’s only if you start doing intricate start, loop , lfo modulation etc that I’d go near sounds.

Or if I made a chain within one sample, using it as a kit / set of samples from a drum machine … then I’d set up sounds that all reference one sample.

However I’ve done all this in the past but after a while usually go back to simplicity and just drop in samples and set things up again.

Again, I encourage people to learn differences between sounds and just using samples ( much easier and quicker ).

You don’t need to make new sounds if you just want to use samples in a simple manner - I.e if I just wanted to use sr16 samples.
However you’ll run out of sample slots quite quickly with 200+