Button Sensitivity on mk2 blacks

Hello everyone,

I have an a4 mk2 black but one thing i notice is that i cant tap the buttons including the piano keys with the same light touch I that can on my digitakt digitone and a4 mk1… infact if i want to jam the piano its almost unplayable because i have to make sure i sustain the key long enough for register.

heres what i noticed, if i slowly push down the button it doesnt have to travell all the way to the base to register a hit, however if i make a quick tap which travels further than the light press al the way to the base i dont get a registered hit. its not an adsr issue because its the same for all the buttons not just the keyboard.

Could someone with the a4 mk2 tell me if they are able to tap the keys with snappy dexterity like on the other models, it seems like a weird issue to RMA.



OK just FYI everyone sensitivity returns to normal after the a4 mk2 has warmed up. Can’t say how long it took but I’m just happy to know that it starts being responsive to lightning fast touches after it’s heated up

Sounds like it could be a fault to me… doesn’t sound like an issue I’ve encountered with mine. (Grey)

It’d be best if you could make a short video of the issue too, way easier to see than read an issue like that.

Thanks ccmp I will do just that and if you would mimick my movement to see if its the same it would be really really helpful

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I checked the same thing on mine and mine does not have that issue…mine will trigger at the slightest touch and fast.
Have you had it long? Is it under warranty?
That issue would drive me mad, I use the A4 keyboard for performance/playing all the time, it’s a big part of the ‘feel’ of the A4 to me… hope you can get it fixed.

I would say you have a fault…i can not reproduce this on my grey mkii, the level of reactive response doesn’t change…yet im in Australia _ its always kinda warm…

I have noticed the same issue on my OT mk2…have you found a fix, or Goten a response from Elektron?

I haven’t opened a ticket yet. And if I do I think I will only accept a full Replacment. If they open her up and start prodding or heating up things to make a better response, I worry it will shorten the lifespan or what I suspect is just a unit that needs breaking in a bit.

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I see…I opened a ticket, let’s see what they say.

@SonWu sorry to revive, but do you happen to remember what the solution was here? I am hesitant to create a ticket, just because i dont feel like sending it off to gothenburg but it is very irritating and disruptive of the programming flow

My fix is still to let it warm up first. But tbf I haven’t put that many hours in since the last post (<50)

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I think I got the unit exchanged at the time, as I still had warranty (from local seller).
To me it feels the mk1 buttons are a little more “stable” in how they operate (as opposed to the knobs) which is why the next time around I just bought an OT mk1. Less money, same fun.