Buy advise to complement A4 in Bass territory

Buy advise to complement A4 in Bass territory


i sold my A4 for that because i can’t have solid low end fast and simply. (Ok you can EQ things but…)

i looking for a partner for my new A4 (because overbridge made me come back to the A4 i’m quite happy with my AR and OT)

i looking for fast designable Bass with solid low end. possibly sub-oscillator to get what i want FAST. in the software department i’m quite happy with Diva.

So what do you recommend ? I have seen interesting things like Mopho, Minitaur, Dark Energy 2 … ( First i have the A4 i sold it to buy a Blofeld and Pulse 2 but because overbridge i come back to A4 plus i didn’t like the feel of the knobs on waldorf synth how it react and the modulation matrix )

i want something simple with very subby bass
Did FM kind of addition in the last A4 update is a game changer for Subby Bass on the A4 ? i usually like loud sinewave + harmonic addition mixed + some warmer of distortion on top of it so …

Please can someone can give me recommendation ?

In the economical tips i can design my Bass and sliced in the OT of course but i get out more and more from the computer so it should be nice to be able to doing things only on hardware

First, I’d say : use Google and find pages on Elektronauts about bass on A4.
There are plenty of tips in there.
Maybe you’ll find a way to approach the sound you need.

Secondly : get a Minitaur ? From what you say, this could be the companion you’re looking for…

Best way to beef up the bass on the A4 is to use filter 2 in high pass mode, add resonance and fiddle around in the 1/4 region of cutoff.

Keep the A4, and don’t add anything. Get better with your A4 from tips that are all over these forums. It is more than capable.

Spend an hour or two making bass patches to use as starting points. Apply your own tags so that you can easily access them in the Sounds browser when necessary.

I like using a pad on the RYTM with a sine wave sample, or a variety of them.

Werkstatt is pretty heavy, inexpensive and ultra simple.
Dreadbox Erebus maybe?
Analog Solutions Nyborg?
Oberhiem SEM module?

Minitaur. Cheap, you can use the CV/FX track to sequence it freeing up a track on the A4. The A4 certainly is “capable” of bass, but it’s not going to touch a Minitaur if big Moogy bass is what you are after. Besides, it’s just so fast and easy (the Minitaur). Sometimes a specialized tool is best.

I second the Werkstatt. It’s an ideal, compact cv companion for the A4, with super-easy bass tones.