Buy New or S/H

Im just about to pull the plug on a Syntakt and was wondering is it worth buying a new one over a S/H one

I can buy a new one for £699 or a S/H one for £610 posted and as the S/H one has warranty left is it worth the extra cost?

PS the £90 saved could go towards a Digitakt

What would u guys do?


In my opinion, you’re going to come across two types of buyers. The freshies, and the deal hunters.

The deal hunters will say they only buy used, as instruments can be repaired, or modified, or even gently used and get great sound and great value.

Im in the other camp. I am a freshie. I would spend the extra cash personally and get something thats hasn’t been handled, decided against, and shipped back and forth. Plus the frustration that overshadows the device in a fung shui way.

Get the unopened box, with a fresh manual, and a fully stocked warrenty. Or save a bit and get it used.


I’ve never bought anything new.


Im going to throw in my opinion that its sometimes better to buy used if you dont trust quality control from the factory. You not only getting better price, but it also comes pre-tested by a user. *

I dont think Syntakt suffers from any common factory defects so choice is yours.
If you can try it in person before money exchange, theres no reason not to buy used.

Regarding warranty, used or new, you have to know which store it was bought from and if its an official dealer of the product you are buying. Elektron seem to care about their devices and customers so its not that big of a deal, but for other companies it can either render your warranty invalid, or send your device into a spiral of changing hands before it can get fixed, locking you out of your money for a long time.

EDIT: * if they are selling it within the warranty period.


Personally, I’d save the 90 and buy use. I would make sure it comes with al original accessories, packaging, and paperwork tho.

:slightly_smiling_face: Umm…what does it mean if I do both?

For example, I’d most likely try to find Syntakt secondhand (build quality is great and it’s been out for a very short time) but if I’m only saving 90 quid that’s not worth it to me.

I’d either buy it new or not buy one at all


It would take more than $90 for me to buy second hand. For new hardware, warranty, and return window I’d pay the extra. Over 100 I’d start considering second hand no problem.


for my experience… Elektron boxes alway have reputation to be expansive but… I always be ‘‘deal hunter’’ for mint condition one and their quality build worth it pretty much.
I bought a syntakt at day one and for 1400$CAD…resell it because of my conscience and wasn’t sure about it…
I just got on again for 800$ last week… with a deck saver.
also… second hand should be 30% no?

Buying used, as long as it’s in good condition, is a great idea… At the right price. I got my Syntakt second hand for 800$ CAD, 400 less than retail not including the tax. It came with a dust cover and all the original stickers etc. I wasn’t even aiming to buy a Syntakt until that deal came up. Wouldn’t have bought it at full price.

If the used price is very close to the full retail I’d just get a new unit though, if you’re personally set on having one already.

Buy new!

I’ve had good experiences buying second hand, although would probably opt for new at that price. Where did you find one new for £699?

Andersons Music were selling them just before Christmas for £699 with a free pair of AKG K245’s

Ah, must have missed that!

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

They are currently £749 but i think they’re out of stock

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