Buying a Digitone Keys...Anything to Look For...?

Hi everyone,

I’m about to pull the trigger on a 2nd hand Digitone Keys. Single owner, says it’s “like new”

There’s just so much to look at when I see the keyboard in person - is there any functions I should be looking at to check all is working well? When I study pics of DK on the internet, I feel lost! haha.

Any known issues with the Digitone Keys that I can look for when trying it out?

Thanks in advance… :slight_smile:

You have to check all keys.
Like on all Elektrons there’s a test mode.
Hold Function + power on.

Do the test. After you can check leds, buttons, knobs…


The Digitone Keys has a three year warranty that couldn’t be expired yet.

The worst you’ll encounter is a bit of hassle


…a good time.

Great box.


Thanks for the replies. (…go to know there’s no known issues?)

I will try to look up that “test” mode…

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Check that it doesn’t rattle. :joy: My first one came with a screw or something rolling around inside it.

Damn, that’s gold right there. Didn’t know this myself.


thats funny! so did mine!!!