Buying a new or used mk2

Hey, so i’ve been saving up for an Octatrack mk2 for a bit now.

I can just about afford to buy one used but i’m wondering if it would be worth saving up a bit extra to buy a new one?

Would anyone reccomend this over a used model even if it’s in a decent condition?

Tbh it would feel nice having a fresh 3 year warrenty.

Part of the dilema as well is I much prefer the grey model which has been discontinued now :confused:

Hard to answer…but I bought a new one first. Then had the option to send it back for what I thought was a faulty unit. So I sent it back and bought a used one afterwards and saved 250$ and got a case for free.
Whatever you choose, good luck!

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Just bought a used OT Mk2.
The headphones level knob is wobbly to say the least but apparently it is a common thing as the shaft is the only one to be made of plastic…
Got in touch with Elektron and they were very quick in answering that they could help.
Apart from this, I did not want to throw the money for the price of a new unit as I did not know if I was going to gel with the workflow. In that regard I could resell with little to no loss.

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My philosophy on this : ‘’ If you like the company, buy new’’.

If you can afford it.


I would have certainly bought new if I had known the workflow was what I was expecting.
My bad for not having bought new.

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No worries @vasidudu, I was just expressing my personal thoughts. I got nothing against other thoughts.


…u got proper quality in front of u…
and it makes no real difference, usually, if u buy a used mk1 or mk2, if the unit was at least halfway handled properly…

if u got 4 or 5 hunderd bux too much, get a brand new one…if not, get a used one…no worries…totally fine…

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Usually people look after their equipment. A minority ruin it and are dishonest.


There is a workaround for this as the HP Knob is wobbly on new units too. You just need an o-ring seal that you put inside.


@slawa_soloma where would you put the O-ring? Issue is the shaft that is wobbly.

just look for one that fits around the pot an press it in with a screwdriver or knife. had that problem with a brand new OT mk2 and it fixed the wobble

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Thanks for taking the time @slawa_soloma
The O-ring is actually pushed all the way down the shaft?

you’re welcome! it has to be pushed between the metal part and the case . if I had my OT i would have made a better picture.

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No worries man. I appreciate :pray:

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That is a good reason to buy a used OT.

The main thing I look out for when buying used gear is whether it’s been gigged. Living room producers usually treasure their gear and take good care of it.


I just bought a RYTM mk2 that has wobbly pots as well…seems to be usual for the volume pots then?
Meaning it wouldn’t make sense to buy another one, as it would probably have the same problem?

My DT has no wobbly pot but the Digitone I had and the OT MK2 have both the wobbly pots.

1 Like still sells the grey one.

I have had no wobbly pots on none of my machines, and i have / have had heat, A4, rytm mk1 (3 units), mk2, digitone, digitakt, monomachine and machinedrum.

Dunno, i might just be lucky - or have insensitive fingers.

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Its only the Volume pot that can be wobbly. Had no problems with with the encoders at all