Buying a Rytm MKI, anything I should look out for?


I’m looking to buy a Analog Rytm MKI and was wondering if there are any issues with any units that I should keep an eye out for or ask about before buying?

I’ve heard about a fair few of the issues with the MKII version, was wondering if anything similar goes on with the MKI units?

Also are the any major common bugs with any MKI units?

Just wondering if I should be careful or hesitate before buying basically!

Many thanks!

Yep. Watch out for the awesomeness.

They’re generally pretty good.

Check the encoders - they can get less accurate with heavy use (but are usually fine even then when pressed down). One of my A4 encoders is a bit flaky like this, but not at the stage of replacing it.

Do the calibration.

Make a short-list of samples to load up.

Rock the house.

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You should test the pads… on some units the pads are barely usable.

And browse different menus while watching the screen. Screen sometimes burn.

Test all encoders, and check if no value jumps.

Good luck!

Thank you both very much, purchased!

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I think, no matter what, eventually Rytm IS gonna get you :happy: