Buying an MD overseas? voltages?

hey guys,

I’m looking to buy my first elektron product in the form of an MD UW+ MK2 (let me know if you’ve got one to offload ;>) and they seem to be scarce locally…
I’m wondering, if I were to buy one from a US region (110v) and have it shipped to Australia (240v) would I need to buy a stepdown transformer, or could I get a new power supply instead? I’m confused as to whether the unit itself is wired for that part of the world or just the power supply.


as you can see …you will only need a “figure 8” cable what goes to your wall.
elektron psu can be driven from 100-240V :slight_smile:
easy huh? :wink:

I can also confirm that a MK2 will work all over the world as long as the prongs fit into the socket. That’s the one wrinkle.

thanks so much guys, i went and bought one from USA. my first elektron and first drum machine! so excited!

congrats on your puchase! welcome to the wonderful world of elektron!