C6 Could not allocate Midi ports? Win 10 64 bit

Hi. I just got my Digitone and have recently switched from mac to pc. Firing up C6 I get error message, it says it cannot allocate midi IN or OUT ports.
If Digitione is connected via usb it still shows up in the C6 config, but chosing Digitone there I get an error message on closing "Cannot allocate Midi IN port.
Launching Digitone in update mode for OS upgrade, it does not show up in C6 at all.
If I launch C6 witout any midi peripherals connected at all I get two error message windows “Cannot allocate Midi IN port” and “Cannot allocate Midi OUT port”
Whats going on here with C6, and how can I solve it?

Ok, So I got Digitone to show up in C6 when booting the DTone in normal mode, but does not show up when booting in upgrade mode (FUNC+Power) That should work right?