C6 is still relevant in 2023

I just used Elektron C6 1.3b (circa 2008) to transfer a WAV file to the MSSIAH Wave Player (circa 2008) over MIDI Sample Dump. (I’m sure newer C6 versions would work too…)

Here were the necessary steps:

  1. My WAV file was 8 bit, 6000Hz
  2. The MSSIAH Wave Player MIDI channel was set to 10, so I set C6 MIDI Preferences to “SDS Device Number” 9 (…because these SysEx-style device IDs can often be “off by one” compared to MIDI channels…)
  3. Set C6 MIDI Preferences -> “SDS Handshake” to OFF
  4. In MSSIAH, I went to File -> Import -> MIDI and pressed Y for “Yes”

…and it worked! Very nice. My other favorite sample editors don’t support “open loop” SDS transfers, so this is very appreciated :+1: