C6 on a tablet?

Hi all,

Do you know if C6 can run on a tablet ?

Windows 8 or RT ?
ipad ?

I would like to always be able to restore my Elektrons via sysex if they fail before a liveset (yes, it happens…).

Thanks !

Nobody has test this ?

Do the RT tablets use ARM processors? If so, then you’re out of the luck.

Windows tablets using Intel CPUs would be OK because they run a normal Intel/x86 version of Windows and can therefore run any normal Windows software.

Thanks for your answer !

If I understand RT uses apps, and 8 is just like a normal Windows with .exe.
So i hope it could work on 8.

I just want a clear confirmation and I’ll buy a tablet with Windows 8 if it works.

Sure, in that case you need to figure out of the model you are looking at uses an ARM CPU or Intel CPU.

“.exe” will only run on Intel CPUs.

OK, i’m gonna check it ! thanks :slight_smile: