C6 wont recognize Digitone USB midi when in setup menu

Im on windows 10. If I enter setup menu on Digitone and starts c6. Nothing appears in midi config settings in c6. If I am in normal mode in Digitone its midiports are recognized by c6. Upgrade impossible or am I missing something?

I encountered a similar issue, I’m on Mac OS 10.12 and found that the Digitone wouldn’t update via USB, however I was able to get it to load the .syx via a USB > MIDI interface.

It’s updating now, but prior to the update it would occasionally appear via USB as “DIGITAKT 1”, but I couldn’t send anything to it. I’ll check it again after the update finishes.

Great. Just to be clear, it was the usb midi connection that failed. The DIN midi worked. And also another thing: It says “Overbridge enabled” everywhere, but I cant get that to work. It just doesnt show up in Ableton.
At the same time, Overbridge hasnt been updated from ver 1.15 in a long time, so how could that plugin information be there?
If Elektron mean “soon Overbridge enabled” that info is misleading.


After the OS update it’s still identified wrong via c6, but it now receives .syx normally via USB. Submitted ticket #20776 to Elektron. You may need to update via DIN though.

I also tested USB MIDI with Ableton Live and it works as expected despite showing up as a Digitakt :wink:

@krusty4president Overbridge isn’t enabled on this machine yet, however that is not relevant to this thread.

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Sorry, off topic - I can’t get a proper connection with Elektron Transfer, using Windows 7. It usually says “Connection failed.” or it times out while it still says “Connecting…”, thus freezing the application. However, it recognizes the Digitone (connected via USB) - I have been successful connecting and transferring files to the Digitakt using Elektron Transfer (USB)

I’ve never used C6… is there an alternate method to update the OS of the Digitone?