Camera to audio

All right Hal, I’ll go in through the emergency airlock.

Awesome. A friend of mine was talking about this but I didn’t quite follow until I saw this video. I wonder if this could be used to record ‘tiny sounds’ using microscopes? Or for faster listening devices over long distances, as light is faster the sound?

You could also use it to focus listening on a specific area: for example a combo hearing-aid/camera where you can focus listening to where you are looking. Though I imagine the tech isn’t there yet to make that small and affordable. Maybe for the military or something.

The brand new GoPro Black Musician’s Special Edition also specifically addresses high quality audio AND video with both in sync and all able to be dropping into DAW such as Pro Tools and AVID video editing software.
It’s a game changer and not cheap but if you especially are into field recordings and video, can be viable option instead of typical Zoom products out there now.