Can a Prophet do what the Solina Strings do?

Behringer is coming out with another addition to the lineup, and I like the sounds and the interface…

My question is… is it worth getting, or is a Prophet enough to get the string sounds that the Solina makes?

A lot of the sound of a stringer like the Solina is in the ensemble effect. You can get close ish with some synths but nothing nails that BBD ensemble sound like a BBD ensemble! As well as that there’s a bit of HP/BP filtering of the raw waves that’s tricky to mimic with a conventional VCF. So in short I’d say no.

Thank you.

I should mention I have a Prophet 6, which has BBD.

But I’m not savvy enough with the filters to make a faux band pass.

This may be a Black Friday get.

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As a workaround, the Waldorf Streichfett is conveniently available as a plug-in now. I’ve had really good results layering that with prophet pads. It gets to classic string machine places quite nicely.


I think this is worth getting. Nothing really gets you that string sound like a string synth. And this is arguably going to be a relatively inexpensive and small foot print synth.


I’d say ‘yes’! Depends on how close and which flavours of the sound you want to achieve, this is on my Analog Four and I like it :wink:


The BBD ensemble is quite a specific beast usually involving three delay lines and two LFO’s to modulate them at different rates. The closest I’ve got was with the Hydrasynth. That can do a pretty convincing stringer sound.


Love my hardware streichfett, which I think is probably more versatile than this B box.


“Ultimate Vintage String Synth Comparison”

-Korg Delta
-Korg Trident (mk1)
-Korg Lambda
-Roland RS-505 Paraphonic
-Arp Solina SE-II by Eminent
-Roland RS-09 Organ/Strings
-Waldorf Streichfett


I must admit I thought the Streichfett was such a cool idea when it came out, I loved the idea of a manufacturer bringing out a new (albeit digital) stringer all these years later. Like you say it’s prob more versatile than the Solina but I reckon they’ll shift a few of these all the same.

Yep, it’s a small box on my desk and does exactly this very nice … I like those two sections of “strings” and the “solo” :smiley:

The Solina is tempting. FYI, the original Clockwork Orange opening theme was a Moog Modular and you have a Matriarch. Maybe mess around with that and see what you can do until Black Friday?

Not quite a Prophet, but the Pro 2 is really good at stringer sounds with the four delays and is pretty much polyphonic used in that way, without the filters in the mix. Bringing the filter section in once you’ve got that dialled in is pretty nice though!

A couple of others to add to the ‘ultimate’ list…

Saving the best until last…