Can anyone help with this MD/OCT issue

Im using a midi track on the OCT to start patterns on the MD. My problem is that if I use a one shot trig then once the pattern is completed the MD reverts to the pattern that was playing before the pat start note was played. If I allow the OCT to play the note on messege every time then the MD reloads the kit and so looses any changes I have made. Is there a way around this as I love P-locking the Ctrl all track to create madness then using the crossfader to switch between a sampled loop and the live madness.

Function + Global

Select Slot

Look at the ‘Map Editor’

You have Gate / Start / Cue in the ‘Trig’ section…

Refer pp59

that doesnt answer the question, I want to use it in start mode because thats when I want the change to occur but I dont want it to reload the kit when the OCT plays the pattern for a second time. OR if using a one shot trig then I want that pattern on the Md to keep playing.

Ah… guess I misread that sorry…

I don’t quite get what’s going on, but do you have the OT set to change the MD’s pattern using Program Change messages?

Try turning of midi transport send on Octa.

right, wierdly today its behaving as I expected it should. I am using midi nots to start patterns on the MD using the map editor. today for some reason it is keeping my adjustments when the pattern is re started. yesterday it was re loading the kits parameters every time it was started. Very Wierd.

I’ve cussed it… sorry for the confusion. It seems when using the map editor on the MD to start patterns the MD wants to drop back to the background pattern so just before the pattern is restarted the MD momentaraly switches kits back and forth thereby reloading kit settings. However if you use program change to switch kits then that becomes the pattern fully and theres no switcharooney.

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And theres more… You actually have to also send the midi note start to get the MD to switch patterns at the right time

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