Can AR receive MIDI signals from multiple devices?

I’d like to have 2 separate places to send MIDI to the AR

  1. KMI Soft step
  2. Digital accordion (for looping into AR tracks - is that possible too?)

Is it possible to have 2 separate signals coming to AR?

(I know it’s possible to SEND multiple MIDI with a MIDI splitter, but not receive…)

Yes, you need a Midi Merge.

You might also need something else for handling the different midi messages to convert/translate them for the AR.

Thanks Rusty.
Something like this I guess?
A 2-in, 1-out MIDI merger

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I was thinking of the same thing. I want to send midi to my digitone from two Octatracks.
I was hoping one of those midi splitter cables would work; do I need something more impressive?

Not splitting (midi-through) but “merging” would be required :wink:

OT1-midi-out --> merger-midi-in 1
OT2-midi-out --> merger-midi-in 2
merger-midi-out --> DN midi-in

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Looks like it should do the trick; but you need to think about which midi messages your are sending through it?

Or are you ust thinking notes?

Get a merger. Just make sure only one of the OTs sends clock, otherwise the slave will play in double tempo.
If you want the real solution also furure-safe, get a iconnectivity midi4+. A used one will do.

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The accordion will only be playing notes that I want to be quantised and looped into AR.
It would be great to be able to then mute the accordion track if I want.

The KMI midi pedal will be used to change patterns, activate mutes/scenes/performance.

Does that sound achievable with the MIDI merger I gave the link to?
For the KMI midi pedal, I’ll be using this thing:

Am I right in thinking the iconnect MIDI4+ can be used for simultaneously:

  1. Sending notes from digital accordion to be looped and manipulated on AR
  2. Splitting MIDI from digital accordion so it can also send to a Vocal FX unit to recognise chords and create relevant vocal harmonies
  3. Allowing KMI Softstep2 to talk to AR and control changes in pattern/scene/performance/track triggers

If yes, oh gosh that would be great… only KMI says I really need their MIDI expander for their unit. I’m wondering whether they just want my money (like BOSS saying you NEED their power cables)

I’m pretty much sure the ICM4+ can do what their interface can do.
You can manipulate the messages with the provided software a lot. Give it a try.

Edit: just did a little read about it. They sell a USB Midi Host, like the ICM4+ is. But the latter can talk to 8, the former only to one device :wink: