Can Digitakt be a interface of usb and midi?

I have a sound module only has midi port, but I’m trying to use this with mac (usb)… so can Digitakt send midi signal from PC to Another Equip through?

It’s not designed to do anything like this, so there’s no connection between USB MIDI and DIN MIDI

I don’t have a DT but I thought you could route MIDI from USB IN (say, ableton) to the MIDI through or out ports.

Nope, not without doing very hacky things. It’s not designed or intended to offer midi interface capabilities

Not in front of the DT at the moment, I wonder if you would set a MIDI track to play your external synth (as if you wanted to sequence it from DT) and then assign a MIDI channel from USB to that track A-H in the MIDI config CHANNEL page? That should work but you would not be able to transmit Pitch Wheel or modulation or aftertouch, just MIDI notes…

Plus 8 designed CC but you would have to target CC70 to 77 and retarget them on the DT

Just replay the notes into the device and move on with life.
Instead of waiting for some magical complicated way to appear on this thread you could’ve probably done it already.
There’s no easy way .