Can DT power passive monitors?

Found a bargain for passive speakers (KRK 7000B), but will I need an amp because they’re not internally powered or will the Digitakt (which I use as a sound card too) be enough to power them?

My other choice is the powered Yamaha HS5s, but they’re extra bucks ofc :slight_smile:

The Digitakt audio outs are at line level – so anything that will take a line level signal.
Powered speakers yes. Passive speakers no, not without an amp.


Excellent. Thanks for the speedy response. HS5s it is then :slight_smile:

You can also buy a good small amp such as the class D amps from dayton audio.

Which is nice because a stand alone amp can power whatever sort of odds and ends speaker you might have or find left at the side of the road. I’ve got like a a half dozen stereo pairs as junk studio monitors – each with it’s own color and character. (Buzzes and rattles and oddness are nice when you want them.) The cheap amps, class D or otherwise, each have their own game too. Another way to do an Analog Heat sort of thing, without the Heat.

Great advice guys, I’ll check my options. I used to have some 70s wood-panel amp back in the day to power my NS10s, but I got rid of the lot when moving countries a few times. Anyway, plenty of options to consider.