Can I merge clock in and midi controller in to Octatrack?

I have my hardware setup all synced through midi din and recently got a tascam model 12 to get my hardware jams running through Ableton to actually make use of them.

I’ve been able to get everything synced up and playing from Abletons clock through my model 12 into my octotrack which feeds the rest of my system through a midi splitter with the sacrifice of my launch control/octotrack volume control.

My issue: for my dawless setup I have a midi host sending midi controller information from my novation launch control xl to my octotrack as a independent mixer control for the track levels. My midi host also has a midi input. I tried to send the clock through that midi input in hopes it would merge with the controller midi to the octotrack but it does not work. If I remove the launch control from the equation and run the midi din from the model 12 to the octotrack, everything works as it should, however I’d like to have the independent track volume control still. I have to look into my midi host documentation and see if it’s even built to work that way but I thought I’d ask the experts on if a separate midi merger would be ideal for sending Abletons midi clock into octotracks midi din along with my midi host sending controller info from the launch control simultaneously?

Awaiting an answer before I press buy on this midi merger. Thanks in advance.

hey Devinm,
i would check if the MIDI host can actually merge the data and/or filter it. the documentation should hopefully shed some light on this.
what happens if you send any other type of MIDI message to the host? does it work?
would be helpful to know brand/model of the host
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It’s a cheap Dore midi host.

Is it possible to get a midi merger and send both the controller midi and clock midi into the one input on octotrack?

Yes, made for that.
OctAtrack please. :wink:


Thanks. I figured but I’m all self taught in this area of things and thought I had seen something about issues combining midi into the octotracks midi I thought instead of guessing I’d ask. Thank you. I was hoping my midi host was a merger but I guess it’s not.

IconnectMidi4+ can be a midi host and a merger afaik.