Can I send midi messages from Ableton through Digitakt to an hardware?

Hi, I want to use a sequencer in ableton to control one of my synths. But I have no audio interface with midi output so I want to use my Digitakt to do it. Can I send midi messages from any midi channel in ableton to the synth through Digitakt?

Midi Thru tends not to work when the input is over USB and the output is using a Midi DIN port.

My workaround on the Digitone (and I’m assuming it is the same behaviour on the Digitakt) is to set one of the Midi tracks to the Midi channel of the synth you want to control. Connect that synth to Midi Out of the DN/DT and then sequence from Ableton using either the channel for that Midi track or the Auto channel.

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Doing the same; but it does get laggy.

I would like to use an ableton max 4 live sequencer to sequence a synth; but I guess you’d need a Midi cable for that then. Shame, but not a big deal i guess.