Can I set Digitone to show flats instead of sharps?

When manually entering chords, the notes are all named as sharps. If I’m in a flat key, it’s a brain-ache to keep converting from, say, Db to C# in my head.

Is there a setting to tell the Digitone to use flats?

I don’t have a DTone, all other Elektrons I know only let you input sharps, though.
I don’t recall anything like that from the DTone manual either.

I’ve actually never had a sequencer that let’s you input flats, it’s always sharps…Wonder if there are any :nyan:
(Edit IIRC Yamaha QY can show both?)

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I’m used to being able to toggle the display of sharps/flats on software instruments. As a guitarist, I don’t often play in flat keys. But as a guitarist, I’m also a terrible keyboard player, and need all the help I can get :wink: