Can I use OT as a send effect machine with a regular mixer console?


I’m thinking of purchasing the OT. I have read the manual, but I’m still not sure if it’s possible to do the following with OT:

  • Pass the dry signal of a synth from the mixer’s aux send to OT’s input
  • Pass only the wet signal of the effects from the OT back to the mixer
  • Do the other OT stuff (sample playback, tweaking and midi-triggering) at the same time
    Any ideas?

Thank you!

In Octatrack’s studio mode you can use its two pairs outputs as separate. So, you would create a thru machine for you effects send signal, and route back the output via one of the output pairs. The other output pair could be used for “other OT stuff”. See manual page 140 for an example, and page 36 on Studio mode.

So in short, yes. =)

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Yes, easily, you can also (as an option to studio mode) just cue the wet only effects from the track assigned to be an aux fx, this leaves you 7 other OT tracks to do with as you please (using main output), or 6 etc if you want to extend the FX loop to two tracks using a Neighbour after the Thru (i.e. 4 series FX ‘plugins’)

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Thanks guys!

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