Can I use PO-32 sounds on Digitone?

Hey guys, newbie question here. So… would it be possible for me to sequence my PO-32 sounds on the Digitone? If so, is there a way you could easily explain this to me or should I go through the manual?

Thanks a lot!

I don‘t think you can trigger the POs externally.

Hmm ok, if that is the case (and I hope it isn’t), it should still be possible to easily sync the PO-32 to the Digitone, right? Can you tell me what would be the most efficient way to do so?

Thanks for helping me out man!

I think they sync through a pulse signal, not midi clock unfortunately.


How about a Volca? Should work, too, right?

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Why is this a bad thing?

Again, thank you guys!

Yep, I’ve used a volca as a “translator” between MIDI in and sync pulse out in the past.

It’s not a bad thing. They just use different sync methods. MIDI includes a lot more data, while the pocket operators use just a regular sync pulse with no extra data (meaning it’s also “dumb” in that it doesn’t know where it should be in the pattern).

Something like this MIDI to sync pulse adaptor works well; I have one and use it to sync my MIDI gear with modular.


Gotcha! Maybe the basic data the transmits is good enough for me (all is care is that their synced bpm-wise).

Thanks for clarifying things!