Can someone explain the genre Melodic House?

I thought House was melodic from the very beginning? :sweat_smile:

eh, some of it was (more on the New York tip) but the early Chicago sound was pretty stripped down and raw. i don’t know exactly what is meant by it today tho – “house” has been pretty disco/sampled centric since the French producers put their stamp on things and more production went into the DAWs. but i’m also not super up on all the nuances and sub-genres with today’s producers


Melodic House is a subgenre of house music that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is characterized by its use of melodic elements, such as catchy hooks and harmonies, which are often borrowed from other genres such as pop and trance. These melodic elements are combined with the traditional beats and rhythms of house music to create a unique and uplifting sound.

One of the key elements of melodic house is the use of live instruments, such as guitar and piano, to create a more organic and emotional feel. This is in contrast to traditional house music, which is often heavily reliant on electronic sounds and samples. The use of live instruments gives melodic house a more human and relatable feel, which can make it more appealing to a wider audience.

Another defining characteristic of melodic house is its focus on creating a positive and emotional experience for the listener. The upbeat tempo and uplifting melodies are designed to make the listener feel good, and to create a sense of euphoria and energy. This makes melodic house a popular choice for dance music events and festivals, where people are looking to have a good time and let loose.

Melodic House is heavily influenced by Progressive House, Deep House and Tech House and often incorporates elements from those genres to create a more dynamic sound. The genre is a blend of different elements that creates a unique and exciting sound. Melodic House is a relatively new genre and is still evolving, it continues to gain popularity and is likely to become a major player in the dance music scene in the future.


Remember the aftertaste very sweet things leave at the back of your mouth? Convert this feeling into the audio and refine until perfection. Consume in three and a half minute long radio edits.


so . . . disco?

(i guess this is some marketing thing to retain the Gen Z crowd that is aging out of harder festival EDM styles. everyone seems to “mature” into the slower house grooves after cutting their teeth on whatever the dominant main room genre is when they first get into the scene. plus ca change)

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Trance trying to be cool

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What do you mean by melodic house?
You know, names to classify music do change meaning every 3 months, it would be interesting if you publish a link. From the comments I guess maybe it’s that trippy trance style sound but with a slower bpm around 120/130 (I call it melodic techno), I heard the first productions of this kind in 2010.
My favorite artists of that genre are: Dominik Eulberg, Stephan Bodzin, various tracks from Maceo Plex, etc…

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I don’t have a clue, I’m currently getting bombarded with ads for ”Melodic House Presets” :sweat_smile:

Cool. I really like Dominik and Stephan as well, wasn’t aware it was called that

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I expect a journalist came up with the term 10 years back and had an idea of what they meant and since then everyone has had a slightly different idea which has evolved over time.

Case in point, regardless of if you choose a “deep house”, “tech house”, “progressive house”, etc playlist on Spotify they usually have the same tracks on them :rofl:


house = house music that follows 20th century rules of house melody and harmony (non-classical scales, parallel intervals or parallel chords etc.)

melodic house = house music that follows 18th century rules of classical melody and harmony

(that’s almost always the difference if a genre is getting the word “melodic” added. Even with Death Metal vs. Melodic Death Metal. There’s even the similarity that Death Metal uses non-classical scales and parallel intervals!)


Trance, but it’s far too slow.

Added a detail.

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Trendy journalists and cool music bloggers inventing names for new music styles should all go milking the cows in the barn instead

So why are you chatting about it, would be my question?

It doesn’t exist. It’s a figment of someone’s writing

Melodic House is what happens when a guy with his finger perpetually stuck inside his own rectum occasionally pulls it out and hits the keyboard with it, one key at a time.

Well, it’s a sound that won’t change the destiny of humankind, but you’re asking too much: it’s music made for dancefloor

To be satisfied with a little, is the greatest wisdom

There has always been ‘melodic’ house as long as there’s been house music. Some of us are old enough to remember it (and bought it, played it out and danced to it too)