Can the Syntakt set the reference pitch and/or fine tune?

Title is self explanatory. Can’t seem to find a clear answer here or in the manual.

I have a Rytm and the only way to fine tune things is by using up an an LFO, and tuning by ear, which is a major buzzkill. Asides from that the Rytm is perfect IMO. But I rarely play in standard tunings and I like tuned percussion a lot so this has made that machine not very fun to use in those situations.

I have an A4, which does allow you to set the reference pitch but 4 voices/only analog is too limiting for my percussion needs.

Anyone? The manual mentions a calibration function that has some options but doesn’t list what they are. Apparently multiple user calibrations can be loaded? Can anyone that has one say whether reference pitch can be set there?

I have an update for you in this thread: How it it Tuning drums on Syntakt

The Syntakt’s tune parameter is much higher resolution than the RYTM so I suspect it’d be more suited to your needs for this application.