Can we control other gear's Envelope generator with an Electron device


I’m still trying to figure if I need an Elektron device (I tend toward the Digitize Keys) to control my small actual gear (Korg Monologue and drum machine) as I think I would work more efficiently dawless.

I do have some questions about MIDI implementation: I’m seeing we can send LFO information via MIDI from an Electron devince to another device. Does it equal to add another «virtual» LFO to a keyboard like the Monologue ?

And can we send Envelope generator informations to the Monologue (it has only an Attack-Decay and three options for sustain, which is frustrating).

With the Arp and sequencer, that could open up interesting doors for the use of the Monologue, as Korg does not seem interested to release new firmware.

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Midi from Digitonekeys
Arp = NO
Sequencer = yes
Scales and Chords = yes
LFO’s = yes
P-Lock CC’s like cutoff etc = yes
You can even assign all 4 midi tracks to the same channel and mute and unmute p-locked CC’s and notes
Audio thru to add chorus/reverb/delay = yes
Note Length and velocity = yes
Clock = yes
Program Chance = yes

If it has a MIDI CC number, yes.

I assume you’re from Montreal, hello fellow Nauts!

Hello Tchu,

Yes, from Montreal ! Hello ! :slight_smile:

I’m a guitarist. I have a Korg Monologue and a Behringer RD8, but I would like more sequencing/polyphony abilities and the idea of having some kind of integrated mixer.

The Digitone/Digitone Keys seem to fill a lot of those cases and I always loved fiddling with FM synthesis. So I think it might be the better option on the market.

I’m not sure though since the Syntakt is out, but it seems less what I need than the Digitone options.

I just read the Monologue implementation chart and the CCs are the same as the functions on the panel (Attack and Decay) so I don’t think it’s possible.

That said, I would probably use it for baselines and some kind of leads, so that would be a minor hassle.

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