Can you alter retrig time on a midi track?

is there any way I can alter the retrig time in the microtiming menu like I would on an audio track?

Best you can do is alter the arp timing. Which is approximately the same thing, but not exactly


doesnt quite make sense… yes you can alter the microtiming of any MIDI trig… but the retrigger function (or RTRG) is only for audio tracks to begin with

Pretty sure you can alter retrig number in micro timing screen. With up/down I think… so does make sense…


You can, it can also retrig the envelopes unlike the RTRG in Playback.

oh yeh? damn still learning new stuff, crazy

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Been rocking the MIDI retrig on OT MKII all day and oh how I love it. Especially when you set a unique time scale to the track in question, and have fun with trig conditions and micro timing.
Or use a lower velocity on the retrig’d MIDI notes, leading into other notes. Great trills and flams. Placing these low velocities retrigs after other notes, it’s like a programmed delay.
I love this MIDI sequencer.


Wait, what? You can do this? Is this a feature in the 1.30? I’m still using 1.25, but with this feature and the TRC I might jump on the modern train.

Pretty sure it’s always been there, on midi tracks it’s in the microtiming menu


jeeblez, had NO idea!! wow, more and more in love with my OT each day, and I’ve had it for some years now hahaha

Trig Counts in microtiming menu were there before 1.25C. I usually use them for audio tracks, and the arp at speed =3 for midi rolls, but maybe I should use them more.
Relative to scale.

You should. :slight_smile:

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yeah, I just tried it out on MIDI, it’s a bit more limited compared to retrigs on AR for example, but definetely useful in some cases. I can see how it is totally useful for samples though!! Maybe with an lfo as a one shot envelope for the sample length or something!
And thank you :slight_smile:


As @AdamJay mentioned it’s more interesting with TRCs ! Jump on the modern train ! :slight_smile:


I’m using it for Acidlab Drumatix and Miami sample hits in an Ableton Drum Rack.
Instant Adult. “Pressure Suit” territory.

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So OT actually is capable of midi retrigs? This would be a big plus compared to digitakt.

Trig Counts and Arp can be used for retrigs.

Just to make sure I am getting this right:

You can’t alter the timing of MIDI retrigs in the microtiming page;

but instead, you can use the Arpeggiator to create “retrigs” and use the arp speed setting to adjust the “retrig” timing?

You can. Trig Counts correspond to the number of step divisions/repeats.
2 = 1/32
3 = 1/48
4 = 1/64

With 8 Trig Counts, 8 notes are sent per step, instead of 1.

Yes. Arp is easier to set, can be plocked, modulated by lfos…

IIRC Trig Counts can be faster.


By alter maybe you mean modulate in realtime all Trig Counts values ? Not possible, unless you hold all trigs in a small pattern, and modulate trig counts in Microtiming menu…

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Interesting trick. But no, I just meant ‘set’ the timing between retrigs, as in your previous post.

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